The gangs all here!

Welcome to our home, our farm, our dream!

We are the Sattler family, Brian, Amanda, Evie, and Levi.  Originally from California, we uprooted our lives 3 years ago to come to beautiful Kentucky.  After living in Louisville for 2 years, Amanda finally was ready to follow her dream and open her farm. 

Amanda has been farming and gardening for more than 15 years.  She attended college in International Agriculture Development at the University of California Davis.  From there, she attended the California Farm academy to really get her hands dirty.  In that time, she opened a garden based preschool, ran a few community gardens, and of course grew tons of food and flowers from her yard.

But Kentucky was calling, and we answered! After working on a few farms and having a baby, the whole family moved out of the city and on to a beautiful little farm in Crestwood. Brian spends his time working and attending seminary classes, Evie is the sunniest Kindergartner you will find, and Levi mostly eats dirt.

Come check us out at the farm or at the market!