Q: How does a subscription work?

A:​ Subscriptions are a set number of deliveries of bouquets to a recipients home or business. The weeks break down as follows:

Spring: 4 weeks (April 25- May 30)

Early summer: 6 weeks (June 13- July 25)

Late Summer: 5 weeks (August 8- September 12)

Subscribers can pickup deliveries on farm or have them delivered to their homes or business on a prescheduled day.  Flowers are all seasonal, grown on farm, or locally sourced.  Subscriptions can also be picked up at the Farmer’s Markets

Q:​ Can I gift a subscription?

A:​ Of Course! Please include the giftee’s information in the order and a note explaining the gift.   

Q:​ Can I change my delivery day?

A: Unfortunately our team is too small to change delivery days.  If you are not available to receive a delivery on the scheduled day you may pick up your subscription at the farm

Q:​ Can I skip an order?

A:​ Yes! A skip email must be sent to uprootblooms@gmail.com  3 days before your next subscription date. If there are no more dates for the season we will move your next pickup to the next season.

Q:​ What happens if I miss my subscription pick up?

A:​ We notify you by phone of a missed pick up and will hold your flowers in our flower fridge for 48 hours. After 48 hours, your order will be forfeited.

Q:​ What happens if I miss my subscription delivery?

A:​ When we deliver we make every attempt to deliver to your hands. If you are not home at the time, we will try to hide the flowers on the porch. If there is no safe and sunless spot to leave the flowers, we will give you a call for further instructions. If we cannot reach you we will take the bouquet back to the farm with us and skip the delivery for the week.   

Q:​ Can I cancel my purchase for a refund?

A: ​You may cancel you purchase up to 2 weeks before the first delivery.  After this time we will have locked in our numbers for the season and can only offer a 50% refund on all flower orders